Template:Tocright Template:Server Moonglade is a roleplaying (RP) realm where player versus player (PvP) is optional, not mandatory. The realm has a high quantity of roleplayers based on both the Alliance and Horde factions.

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About Moonglade (European Roleplaying Realm)Edit

Template:Infobox BattlegroupN Moonglade (Europe) officially launched on Tuesday, 8th November 2005 when Blizzard Entertainment opened a new data centre in Paris.

It was the third English language European roleplaying realm to launch and was not opened as a migration realm. Moonglade did not gain migration until the Paid Character Transfer Service came into operation. Moonglade is located in cross-realm battle group six.

As a roleplaying realm, Moonglade is subject to special rules that do not apply on Normal or PvP realms. New players are expected to adhere to these rules, as they are enforced by Blizzard. These rules include (but are not limited to):

  • You must use a roleplaying name (no abusive language, ThreeWordNames or movie references.)
  • You must not go Out of Character (OOC) in /say /yell or /emote.
  • You must not disrupt or harass roleplayers at roleplaying events.

Whilst there is some controversy over whether the rules are strictly enforced 100%, they are in place and account sanctions can occur if people do not adhere to them.

The players must stay strong and work together (welcoming new players) if the community is to become fruitful.

History of Moonglade (Europe)Edit

Whilst all realms share one common storyline and history, they all deviate slightly because of player created storylines and content. Every single realm is technically an alternative world, and the timeline whilst having key points (eg. Blizzard-created events) still has unique Player-created events, stories and adventures that only exist in the one timeline. This makes each realm special in it's own right, and Moonglade is no exception.

Major Events of MoongladeEdit

Steamwheedle FaireEdit

Considered to be the largest organised roleplaying event in the history of the Moonglade realm, over 250 people attended in total, almost causing the server that hosts the Tanaris region to crash.

Despite the sheer size and logistical problems presented by catering for both Horde and Alliance, the Faire was a resounding success and there was practically no trouble.

Kaboom gave away free ale, hosted a raffle for a free pet for both the Horde and Alliance attendees, a storytelling contest and a boxing match.

The event lasted from approximately 16:00 until 19:00 and saw people queueing, dancing, sun bathing and having a good time in Steamwheedle Port a relatively untravelled location.

The Opening of Ahn'QirajEdit

The quest chain to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj was successfully completed on Moonglade by Vir Mortalis, an Alliance based raiding guild. The event began on a Sunday morning at 7am and took ten hours to complete. During the opening event and the Eranikus event in Moonglade, Vir Mortalis was assisted by the Horde guild Honorbound.

Vir Mortalis came under fire at the time from various sources for "not informing the rest of the realm," that the Gates would be opened on this day at the time specified. Vir Mortalis argued that this was to prevent server crashes and because they had put the majority of the effort into completing the epic quest.

A Day at the RacesEdit

Falcore of Rhyme and Punishment organised for a collection of community photographs to be created on Sunday, 10th September 2006. The event was a huge success with over one hundred people from both the Horde and the Alliance attending at it's peak.

Many screenshots (aka. photographs) were taken, and a very positive community atmosphere was felt by everyone who attended, new or adept. It has been proposed that such an event should take a yearly slot in the calendar.

Moonglade Roleplaying CommunitiesEdit

To encourage a realm-wide community and help foster a good roleplaying environment, roleplaying communities have been established on both factions, most notable is SquareRP.

Currently, the following roleplaying communities are established and fully operational on Moonglade:

  • SquareRP
    An Alliance based community set in Cathedral Square, Stormwind. Players can join either as an Associate Guild or as an Individual, providing the majority of their 'downtime' is spent in/around the Cathedral Square area.
  • MARP
    The Moonglade Adventurer's and Roleplayer's community is a Horde based organisation that attempts to establish RP reasons for End Game raiding. It has proven to be very successful and popular.

Several other communities have been proposed in the past, including one based on the Island of Theramore called TIRC, as well as communities based in Lakeshire, Darnassus and Southshore. Hopefully in the future, such endevours will prove to be successful.

Role-playing Resources for MoongladeEdit

Guilds of Moonglade (Europe)Edit

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The following is a list of Moonglade guilds, if you wish to add your guild to this list but are unsure how to safely edit the list, please refer to the Editing Help page. If you wish to link to your guild website, do this via your Guild Name.

Valid Guild Types are: RP, RP-PvP, RP-PvE, PvP, PvE, RP-Mixed and Other.


Guild name Abreviation Location Type Races Contact
Legion Światła LS Stormwind City PvE, RP-Mixed All Turambar, Okrutnik
Old Town OT Stormwind City RP-Mixed All Sidarta
[The Academy] T*A / Acad Stormwind City RP-Mixed All Undergoing change
Azeroth Elders AE Unknown Other All Hoffa
Blood n Glory


BnG Stormwind City PvE All Races Eldric / Faganne / Swamp / Pheonecia
Avalon Ava Outland PvE All Aelyn
Carpe Jugulum CJ Stormwind PvE All Graycine/Carathas/Adotiln/Caern
Clan of the Ironhands CoI Ironforge RP Dwarf Dromwald
Demon Blade DB Outland PVE All Varnis / Duracy / Duraino
Dragon Slayers Guild DSG Unknown PVE All Torin
DOA DOA Various RP-Mixed All Kadran
Ebon Flame EF / the Flame Unknown RP-PvE All Thalos / Verannion
Evolution Evo Unknown PvE All Troops / Huhedi / Mythras
The Four Rings T4R / Rings Ironforge RP-Mixed All Bramblebush, Joefalketto
Grey Company GC Unknown PvE All Naylora
House Idrial HI Darnassus RP-Mixed Elf Sienn
Ivory Lion Mercenaries ILM Not specified RP-PvE All Vanadain/Frep
Apocalyptic Apoc Shattrath City PvE All Findermartin/Beans
The Ladies of Discord LoD Stormwind,Darnassus RP-Mixed Females, All races Ethelin, Andagassii
Mithril Guard MG Ironforge RP Dwarf Truesong
The New Breed TNB Battlegrounds PvP All Felony / Solase / Manier
New Dawn ND Unknown PvE All Aleesa
The Outriders OR Unknown RP-Mixed All Uvahstone
Rhyme and Punishment R&P Lakeshire RP-Mixed All Serendipity
The Travelers of Azeroth TOA Azeroth RP-Mixed All Zeneth / Gailia / Catla / Aerial
Vir Mortalis VM Ironforge PvE All Zanetti
The Eclipse Order EO The Exodar RP All Races Ozan
The Wyld Hunt TWH / The Hunt Unknown RP-Mixed All Willow
The Silver Rose TSR Theramore Isle RP All Races Xantippe
The United Exiles UE / The Exiles) Various Family All Races Dragoran / Eagle / Xialong


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|- style="font-weight:bold" |Guild Name |Abbreviation |Location |Guild Type |Races |Contact |- bgcolor="#535353" |Artisans of Bloodcraft |AoB |Unknown |PvE |All |See link |- bgcolor="#535353" |Clan of the Rising Sun |CRS |Unknown |RP-Mixed |Tauren |Kuruk |- bgcolor="#535353" |Council of Shadows |Council |Badlands |RP-Mixed |All |Ovoid / Satanima / Darzol / Zahina / Orphne |- bgcolor="#535353" |The Crimson Hand |The Hand |Silverpine |RP-Mixed |All |Syrax / Mordiss / Lucrictica / Lenra |- bgcolor="#535353" |The Defenders of the Core |DotC |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Rushemar / Fernmuzzle |- bgcolor="#535353" |The Elders |TE |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Jezebeth / Pugh / Tvork |- bgcolor="#535353" |Equilibrium |EQ |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Engessa |- bgcolor="#535353" |Honorbound |HB |Orgrimmar |PvE |All |Nex / Caesar |- bgcolor="#535353" |Hounds of The Blackfire |The Hounds |Orgrimmar |RP-Mixed |All |Regnier / Vesuvio |- bgcolor="#535353" |In Meus Pardus |IMP |Raiding Guild |PvE |All |Nija |- bgcolor="#535353" |Legion of Arcaus |LoA |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Leafblade / Swiftfoot |- bgcolor="#535353" |Novus Ordo Arcanorum |NOA |Silvermoon |RP-Mixed |Blood Elf / Undead |Kuàlthas / Elinanna |- bgcolor="#535353" |Ordo Legionis |Ordo |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Daednumai |- bgcolor="#535353" |Shadow Claw Clan |SCC |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Mildrith / Nakrath |- bgcolor="#535353" |Sin'Dorei |sindorei |Silvermoon |RP-Mixed |All |Mokejael |- bgcolor="#535353" |Blood Pigs |Pigs |Orgrimmar |RP-Mixed |Orcs |Arrak |- bgcolor="#535353" |Tranquility |Tranq |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Calamity / Gha / Anguish / Drekh |- bgcolor="#535353" |Wrath |Wrath |Unknown |RP-Mixed |All |Zerun / Wara / Goren |- bgcolor="#535353" |The Blood Gaurd |BG |Silvermoon |RP |All |Solander / Katalanei |- bgcolor="#535353" |Wicked |Wicked |All around |Slackers |All |See link |}

Other Role-playing ResourcesEdit

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