Ryi is a...Elf Hunter

Physical Traits Edit

Ryi, a slim Elf is very able in all forms of Melee combat, though her most powerful weapon is her bow.

Occupation Edit

Only known as Ryi, she is a Master Assassin. Ryi Picks Herbs and Skins to make money. She doesnt mind who she takes a "Job" from, Alliance, or Horde

Family and Family HistoryEdit

Ryi as a child fled from her town when it was attacked by Orcs, losing what little family she had and nearly having no friends makes Ryi a closed book

Biography Edit

By Luck, Ryi as a child escaped to Stormwind where she learned she had to fend for her self. SI:7 saw great passion in her to survive and trained her. Now trainned and very Skillfull you travels the woods of the human domain, the south forests of the Eastern Kingdoms, and "Hunts" who ever can provide the Gold. She lives with only one truth, she will never, ever, see heaven