Name Edit

Lord Nickans Lightbane, Brother of the Light

Physical Traits Edit

Nickans is quite a large man, he stands at a height of 6'2" and has broad Shoulders and a well toned body, still quite a young man the signs of stress are obvious, His hair is shoulder length and golden his beard is also golden and well trimmed.

Race and ClassEdit

A Human Paladin.

Occupation Edit

Nickans is a renoun Blacksmith and Miner, Former Apprentice Mage of the Kirin Tor.


Nickans only has one living family member, Laelia Lightbane, his Sister.

Background Edit

As a child growing up in Dalaran, Nickans was folloing his Mothers wish for him to become a mage, after five years of extensive training, and the trauma or watching Dalaran fall, he left the teachings of being a Mage.

Now, Six years after the fall, Nickans if an accomplished Paladin, recognised by the Brotherhood and the Clergy in Stormwind.

He has made it his personal mission to push back the forces of the scourge from his homelands and to contact as many of the Dalarians as he can in an attempt to rebuild the Magocracy and the great City.

Family Background Edit

The Lightbane family is a long line of Priests, Paladins and Mages who have been empowered with the protection of the Great City, Dalaran. After an unknown family member proved his worth to the Magocracy he was granted Land and the title of "Lord" this name was then passed from generation to Generation, now ending with Nickans and Laelia, the only children of Holliena and Cetaras Lightbane.

After Holliena and Cetaras left the city to join Uther the Lightbringer, Nickans and Laelia were entrusted to the Archmages at the time and were to continue their training.

Nothing is known as to the where abouts of the Lightbane adults, however Nickans and Laelia believe them to be dead.

Criminal Record Edit

None at present.