Lutho is a...Draenei Mage

Physical Traits Edit

Lutho is not a melee combat Warrior but the sheer size of his Race gives him greater strength then any other Race that a Mage can be

Occupation Edit

Lutho is a Potion Maker, which also means he is able to pick and collect many rare herbs. At the moment he is the High Mage Jairdans Apprentice.

Family and Family HistoryEdit

Lutho was one of the few to live through the crash of Exoder so losing his friends and family is of great lost but Luthos "Silver Lining" view lets him have faith that he will see them again.

Biography Edit

Lutho is a young and very Powerfull Fire Mage. Under the wing of the High Mage Jairdan. Jairdan, a Mage close to the Rankings of the Kirin Tor can see that Lutho will sadly never yield the power of himself but sees the great power to be a very very powerfull fire Mage. With Great Service to Stormwind all ready achived he is now looked at by the people of this Human City as an Equal.