Jairdan is a...Human Mage

Physical Traits Edit

Nearly Nothing, Jairdan is an Old Man of 80. Jairdan is man of Respected Intellect and when it come to Battle Jairdan always maintains the view that "Its not our strength that makes us men, but our Wits"

Occupation Edit

Jairdan uses Advanced Magic for Enchanting and has great skill in Tailoring. He is an Arch Mage in the Magic world and once was sort by the King of Stormwind for his Knowlege and Advice. Jairdan is now Personal Adviser to the Lightbanes, a Noble bloodline with the task of Rebuilding Dalaran

Family and Family HistoryEdit

For 20 of Jairdans Young Years was spent in Dalaran. Jairdan does not have or Pretend to have the power of the Kirin Tor Mages but he does sit in there Outer Ring as a Council Adviser.

Biography Edit

Jairdan was taken to Darnassus as a baby by the elves after they witnessed the death of his parents by Orcs. He lived in Darnassus untill 18 when the Mages of Stormwind came to collect him for his training and his service to Stormwind. Jairdan is of High Intellect spending many of his Years in the Great Libarys. His Oldest and most Trusted of Friend are the Mages Of Stormwind, High Elfs, the Noble Humans and the Draenie.