Bubblegum is a...Gnomish Rogue, Her real name is Lucinda Spriggle Sprocket, but is more commonly known as "Bubblegum".

Physical Traits Edit

Bubblegum is a half breed, her Father was a Human and her Mother was a Gnome, as a result, she looks like a Human Child even though she is around 25 years old.

Her nickname is obvious to anyone that has met her, as she has "Bubblegum Pink" coloured hair and is always chewing her favorite strawberry flavored gum.

Bubblegum looks very innocent and dependant, often found in the Orphanage in Stormwind waiting for someone to addopt her.

Occupation Edit

Public Occupation - School Girl

Actual Occupation - Jewel Thief

Family and Family HistoryEdit

There is no history of Bubblegums family, it is assumed that she ran away to practise her "special talents and dyed her hair so no one would recognise her.

Biography Edit

((work in progress))