Ayrlin Stormleaf is an Elven druid, that at the moment gaining skill with the claw.

Family Edit

Ayrlin Stormleaf, her family is dead. Her sisters were overrunned by the Orcs when they were defending the borders between Ashenvale and The Barrens, Ayrlin's father told her that she was to young to fight at the borders. Her sisters had got her mothers skill with blades and her bloodthirst while Ayrlin got her fathers knowleage and his contact with nature. When her sisters died her mother left Ayrlin had her father, and noone has ever seen her mother since that. Her father told her about the Great Goddess Elune, and the basics of the druid life. But even her father died in combat, he was helping his dwarven friends out. They were trying to cleans the troggs out from the dwarven lands. When her father died Ayrlin started her Druid training in Moonglade, she learned quick and was very skilled with the claw. Ayrlin made her money by running with messages from Ashenvale and Darkshore to Tyrande Whisperwind.

Biography Edit

Ayrlin is a young elf, she is 1708 years old. And are now a servent of Dalaran. Ayrlin has always loved to help the Alliance out. She lives by three simple rules; Keep the balance in nature, Don't kill for pleasure and Always worship Elune. Ayrlin has once have a realationship with Dreanol an Elven warrior, but now they romance is long gone and she live by her self.